Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Radio gains worldwide attention over blockade

A Paris-based media watchdog, Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) or Reporters without borders, has condemned the blocking of Radio by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

In a press statement issued on February 24, 2006, PSF said: "Blocking access to an online publication is an important decision, which should be taken only by a judge and then as a result of an independent judicial procedure."

"It is not acceptable for an organ of government alone to decide on this kind of step. In any case, the managers of should have the opportunity to appeal against the UCC decision, which has not happened so far," it added.

"It is the first time a news site has been filtered in Uganda, apart from a temporary block put on the site of the independent daily The Monitor during just one day, on 18 February. [The blocking of Radio Katwe] is among the first cases of net censorship in sub-Saharan Africa.

All Uganda's Internet Service Providers MTN, UTL, Africaonline, Spacenet and Busnet have been ordered to block the website.

The RSF press release said that "according to a test carried out by Nart Villeneuve, head of research at Toronto University, they at the same time blocked nearly 700 other sites [in Uganda] hosted by the same server, which is based in the United States."

The blocking of Radio Katwe has already attracted condemnation from the New York based Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ), in a statement on February 22, 2006 said: "The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned that the Ugandan government has blocked internal access to a critical Web site, Radio Katwe, in the run-up to Thursday's hotly contested presidential election."

CPJ went on to say: "Radio Katwe publishes a range of stories, including extremely critical reports targeting President Yoweri Museveni, his family, and his ruling party. The site encourages readers to submit stories for publication but does not identify individual authors or editors."

The action of blocking the website has played exactly into the hands of Radio

When two respected and serious international watchdogs criticize the Museveni government for blocking the site, it adds credence to Radio Katwe's version of events and news from Uganda.

Starting from the late eighties, a government spy Teddy Seezi Cheeye published a magazine, Uganda Confidential containing salacious, highly controversial stories and exposes but was never banned because ultimately, the government had some control of what was published. The tabloid Red Pepper has in some ways carried the torch from Cheeye left off.

With Radio, that control no longer exists, hence the panic.

A quick, easy way to beat the blockade is to use any of the hundreds of proxy websites or servers like
[ Click on English, enter in the space for the url and logon. ]
Note: Some functions like Email this story or send a comment might not work properly when using proxies. In that case, use anonymous email to send your comment to Radio at

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Museveni rigs his way to a fifth term --- what Ugandans must do

Museveni rigs his way to a firth term --- what Ugandans must do

Radio Katwe is looking for help from patriotic Ugandans frustrated at being taken for granted by dictatorial regimes and leaders.

To do this, we must break the will of the Museveni regime so that he does not even complete his five stolen years until 2011.

We are looking to understand Museveni totally, his history, his working methods, his scandals, his most sensitive military and intelligence secrets and operations, and the men and women who prop up his strange regime.

We are compiling information about the mysteries and incidents listed below. Please continue to send us whatever bits of information and clues you have to add to our growing pool:

  • The assassination of UFM leader Andrew Kayiira. Who masterminded the murder? Where was it planned and who coordinated the assault? Who actually pulled the trigger? What does the Scotland Yard report investigating his murder say? Who were the men who were sent on the mission to kill Dr. Kayiira? We need insider details on this murder for the public to know. This murder must be understood once and for all by Ugandans.

  • The 1988 Uganda Airlines crash in Rome. What is the truth behind it? Was it really an accident or was the Museveni government involved? Did Flight Captain Stephen Walusimbi lose control of the plane or was it sabotaged? What is the background of a man called Juma Ssali who died on board? Is it true he is the man who used to wok with Museveni and Salim Saleh to forge Museveni's signature and steal money from the Ugandan treasury?

  • The Uganda Airlines Boeing 707 plane seized in Yugoslavia in 1991. Do we know anything about this incident? Where were the arms on the plan going and where were they coming from? Did Amama Mbabazi play any role in it as ESO director? What was Museveni's interest in those arms?

  • The murder of businessman Edward Mugalu. Why did Museveni order it? What had Mugalu done? Where did it take place and who carried it out?

  • The shooting down of the plane carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundi's Cyprien Ntaryamira in 1994. What do we know about this? How did Brigadier Jim Muhwezi come into the picture? When did Museveni come up with the plan to have the plane shot down? Is it really true that the man who fired the missile that downed the plane was ESO assassin Humphrey Babukika? Was RPA commander Major-General Paul Kagame involved or not?

  • The assassination of RPF founding commander Fred Rwigyema in 1990. What details do we know? How were Peter Baingana and Chris Bunyenyezi involved? Where does Museveni feature in this incident? Why did Museveni bring Rwigyema's body to be kept at Mulago hospital?

  • The murder of Kampala lawyer Robinah Kiyingi in 2005. Why did Museveni order her murder (if it is he who ordered it?) What did she know? What happened to the laptop computer that she had? Is it true she was shot dead by the Urban Hit Squad?

  • Safe houses in Uganda. Where are these safe houses located in Uganda? What takes place inside there? Can we have the names of the Military Intelligence and ISO men who conduct the interrogation and torture of political prisoners? Who does the torturing in those safe houses? Can we have all their names, including those who were transferred to other duties?

  • What are the secrets of General Salim Saleh? What is his history? Who is his real father? Which people has he killed, as far back as the bush days and FRONASA? Can we have more background into his smuggling of narcotics from East Asia? Why is he close to his aide Captain Juma Seiko? When did their relationship begin? What dirty things do they do together?

  • What happened to the four Airbus planes that Uganda was supposed to have bought in 1990 or 1991? Where did Museveni put the money? Who ordered the murder of Uganda Airlines General Manager Chris Mboijana in London in 1990? How exactly did he die? Who carried out the murder?

  • The death of human rights advocate and DP supporter Anthony Sekweyama. Was it really an accident? If not, what really happened? Why, if at all, did the NRM government have him killed?

  • The John Garang mystery. What really happened to that helicopter? Who tampered with the altimeter of the helicopter at Entebbe airforce base? Why did the NRM government put a ban on publication of the photographs of the wreckage? What brought Garang to Uganda to meet Museveni? What did they discuss? Why did Defence Minister Amama Mbabazi refuse to escort Garang back to Juba? Why did Vice President Gilbert Bukenya receive Garang at Entebbe Airport but not see him off again when he was going back to Sudan?

  • Murder of Mulago doctors in 1979. Who was or who were the gunmen carrying out Museveni's orders to kill Mulago doctors and other prominent Ugandans in 1970 and 1980 in Kampala? Who shot dead the UNLA officer, Lt. Colonel John Ruhinda at Makerere University? What was Museveni doing in the area shortly after Ruhinda's murder?

  • Paulo Muwanga's death in 1991. What details do we know about the death of the former vice president Paulo Muwanga? Was he ill? Was he poisoned? What about Capt. Robert Namiti? Was he also killed by a poison injection? If these reports are true, who were the doctors or medical people carrying out these poison injection murders?

  • NRA robbery of UCB Kabale in 1984. The Manager of Uganda Commercial Bank in Kabale in 1984 was Janet Kahirimbanyi and she organised with the NRA rebels to robb the bank branch of over 400 million shs. Where is she today? Who carried out the raid? Where did the money go?

  • Major-General Jim Muhwezi. What is the story and background of this sly man? We know he was in Idi Amin's State Research Bureau, but in what section was he? What did he do? He was director general of intelligence from 1986 to 1996. What top secret and deadly missions did he order or execute? Can we get detailed information on him?

The answers to these questions will give Ugandans a better idea of their history. Please begin sending your tips in.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb-20-06 --- State House uses illegal path to clear Janet Museveni papers

State House uses illegal path to clear Janet Museveni papers

State House has once again used its corrupt powers and gone around the formal channels by saying that the Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Academic Affairs at Makerere University, Dr. Lillian Ekirikubinza Tibatemwa, has cleared Janet Museveni's fake degree.

The Daily Monitor reported on February 20 that Museveni said they have received a letter from Makerere University clearing the First Lady's papers.

Two Ruhama County voters, Barnabas Turyamusiima and Denis Mbangira, brought a petition last week to the Electoral Commission arguing that Mrs. Museveni was illegally awarded a Bachelor'ss Degree in Education.

Radio Katwe has established the formal process required in this case.

The proper procedure for the verification of academic papers is that the Council for Higher Education writes to the Academic Registrar at Makerere University who then writes back a response.

The person who recommended Janet Museveni to undertake the education degree was Professor John C. Sekamwa, who was then the Dean of the School of Education.

Reports say the then Academic Registrar, Mr. Mukwanason Hyuha, and his deputy, Mr. Godfrey Bazanye Nkangi, went to State House and then registered Janet Museveni as a student.

As Radio Katwe reported last week and many people knew in Kampala, Mrs. Museveni did not do any teaching practice anywhere, as is required to earn the degree.

State House took advantage of the fact that Dr. Tibatemwa is new at the university and does not know the history of the controversial degree, otherwise she would not have written the letter if she understood its implications.

Feb-20-06 --- Government blocks New Vision, Daily Monitor websites

Government blocks New Vision, Daily Monitor websites ahead of election

A number of regular New Vision and Daily Monitor readers reported on the morning of February 20 that they could not get through to the two websites from any point in the world.

The two websites were temporarily blocked as the state intelligence engineers experimented with how they can be blocked on Election Day, Thursday February 23.

As we reported in January, plans to cut off the three mobile telephone networks of MTN, UTL, and Celtel have been finalized by the state. By 10:00 a.m. Ugandan time, the sites were back online.

Radio Katwe made the state realise that if they had to cut off the mobile phone networks, it would be useless without also blocking the public's access to the two main news websites on Uganda, New Vision and Daily Monitor.

Once in a while, one of the websites gets a technical problem. It is not common for both of them at exactly the same time to develop such problems and this suggests that the state was experimenting with blocking the two sites three days before the election.

The idea came from the state's blocking of Radio Katwe inside Uganda.

The timing was a clue to this. The two websites were blocked in the early morning hours of February 20 East African Time, just before most office-bound people arrived at work.

It is possible that the government will shut down the whole Internet system in Uganda, leaving millions of Ugandans in a total news and information blackout

Feb-20-06 --- Countdown to the Ugandan election --- a special report

Countdown to the Ugandan election --- a special report

With only a few days left to go before the momentous election of 2006, the pace of events in Uganda has picked up and Radio Katwe will, as usual, give the interested public the angles which nobody else can give, because we are outside the reach of the Uganda government in censoring, closing down, or controlling what we say.

We are not like Ugandan newspapers or radio stations which have to live with the fear of being shut down by the Broadcasting Council or the Government Media Centre, or State House.

As you read this, all hotel and motel rooms in Entebbe town have been booked by families and individuals preparing themselves for the worst.

Several Asian families have already left Uganda and there are reports that President

Some reports say Museveni's son, Major Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has also taken his family out of the country.

The FDC's polling agent around the country have been told not to take anything for granted and are being put on the alert.

The FDC has bought 12 satellite phones and during the voting period the phones will be connected to the PANAMSAT satellite network of South Africa.

Radio Katwe reported in January that the government planned to cut off the Celtel, MTN, and UTL mobile phone networks on election day to make it difficult for the population to know what is taking place during the government's effort at rigging.

The DP and UPC have also put their agents on the alert.

A source with contacts inside State House said that at the last minute, some cabinet Ministers could come out and pledge allegiance to the FDC, although Radio Katwe has not been able to confirm this with a second source.

President Museveni met foreign journalists at his Rwakitura home on Saturday, February 18, but details of what they discussed and the reason for the meeting are not yet available.

The European Union brought in observers who witnessed the recent election in Liberia and they say they are confident that they can detect any election tricks that might creep up in Uganda.

The most important question is where the Presidential Guard Brigade will be deployed on February 23.

It is common knowledge in Uganda that the rest of the regular army does not support Museveni and he can only count on the 12,000-man PGB, which has the best equipment in the army.

One arm of the PGB will have to be in Nyabushozi guarding the President as he casts his vote while the other will be in Ruhaama country both guarding First Lady Janet Museveni and voting for her in a contest where she is the underdog.

The third arm of the PGB will be deployed to guard key installations like Entebbe International Airport, the airforce base in Entebbe whose only valuable property there is the Presidential Jet.

The other part of the PGB is the Mechanized Brigade based in Masaka and commanded by Major Kainerugaba.

The rest of the PGB is spread out across the country where every army battalion has a PGB unit, presumably to counter any mutiny or coup attempt.

The source close to State House referred to earlier also said that in nearly every army barracks, the walls are dominated by posters of Colonel Kiiza Besigye, not those of Museveni as would be expected.

The situation is so sensitive that soldiers at the Makindye Military Police barracks for the past one week have been under virtual house arrest.

They are locked inside the barracks for most of the day until 6:00 p.m. and are only allowed to get out for two hours until 8:00 p.m. Even then, they must report exactly where they are going before they are allowed out.

Sources in the barracks have told Radio Katwe that the measure was taken after it was discovered that most of the Military Police were sneaking out to go and attend Besigye's rallies.

With the army not on Museveni's side except for the PGB, anything could happen on February 23.

If for example the people in Arua, Mbale, Kabale, Masaka, Masindi, Soroti or Jinja feel that Besigye has won the election but the government is trying to rig the votes, the same demonstrations which broke out when Besigye was arrested on November 14, 2005 could be repeated across the country.

Most likely, the police and regular army would join in the demonstrations or would refuse to obey orders to shoot at the crowds. In such a situation, the PGB would find it impossible to spread itself all over the country to crush such a mass uprising.

A situation that becomes fluid after the voting has ended would favour the opposition.

Feb-20-06 --- Life Behind the Kisanja Curtain

Life Behind the Kisanja Curtain

Fellow citizens, the Russians had an iron one, the Chinese have a bamboo one, and us Ugandans are now officially living behind the Kisanja Curtain. Radio Katwe has gone down in the history books as having been the first website to be blocked by a Ugandan government.

But fret not country men. A simple experiment shall demonstrate that when a curtain made of "ebisanja" is put too close to an internet firewall - a very small pile of ashes is the result. If you are graphically gifted and interested, you are welcome to submit cartoons to illustrate the concept.

Radio Katwe poses you the Ugandan reader this question - if what we publish is ONLY trash, fabriactions, lies and falsehoods, why dont they want you to even look at it? Dont they trust that you are mature and sensible enough to judge for yourself?

In keeping with their instinct for repression and a sense of misplaced entitlement, the Museveni administration is making misguided efforts to shutdown Radio Katwe. Under normal circumstances all Ugandan citizens are protected by laws in our constitution. But the reality is that the Museveni government has no respect for the law. They force the Uganda Communications Commission, and the commercial internet companies to do their will and block information that threatens them. In the absence of or disregard of the law isnt this proof enough? Why is something "illegal" only when its against their interests?

Is it not a shame that in the 21st century, when a Ugandan wants to be really free they have to run away to Europe or America? Where the government cannot just arrest or harass you because they dont like what you say? Our country is like private property. We pay for for the little there is with our taxes, but they take it and enjoy alone and on top of that turn around and mistreat us.

So now they are so mad, they cant imagine their subjects having the temerity to question and expose their misdeeds. We are supposed to suffer and bear our burdens quietly, content with the ocassional crumb thrown our way. We could only whisper these things to each other behind closed doors like house slaves. Well, no more.

If you hold public office, we Ugandans demand accountability. We demand high moral standards. You are supposed to SERVE us, not lord it over us. If you cant take the pressure, then resign and live quietly as a private citizen. We will respect that.

Whether you like it or not, this country belongs to all of us. The army, police and other security agencies are paid for and maintanted by all of us as Ugandans. They are not the private property of lying politicians like Museveni, or any other person. We are therefore entitled to comment and have a say on how they are used. Unfortunately, in the current Museveni administration, all normal means and channels of redress like parliament, Inspector General of Government (IGG) have been corrupted, compromised, weakened and disbaled.

When we resort to telling our tragic story to the whole world on the internet, they again want to shut us down. Ugandans, stop and ask why? If we are making up stories, as some people have said, why dont you who know the truth send it in for publication? Has the government even bothered to explain why Radi Katwe is blocked? They are frightened now that they have realized they dont have the power to comtrol what you know. That is the real reason behind their frantic attempts to shut us down. But they will fail. The only way to succeed is to shut off all external communication for Ugandans. Dictator Amin tried and failed. So will they.

The current head of State and First Family and their extended Court are not angels. Like any other human being, they have their strengths but also many weaknesses. Unfortunately, instead of living humbly and decently like the rest of us poor Ugandans, they have this habit of putting up apperances of being like angels come down from heaven to "serve" us mere mortals. But some of us have known these outrageous, racy stories for years. We are only inviting Ugandans to take a realistic look at these people and temper our expectations accordingly. This is what your leaders really look like. How far do you think are they going to lead us? Do you now realize why we never seem to go anywhere inspite of the years and billions pumped into the economy?

Leaders everywhere are routinely put under intense, even unfair scrutiny. What is so special about the Ugandans that we should not even talk about them? Moreover unlike in the Western world where they talk about a leaders misdemeanour of 30 years ago when he was still a young man, we in Uganda have some cases of ongoing serious criminals running our government! We are not inciting hatred. We are only saying Ugandans - meet your real leaders. If you dont like what you see, then direct your anger and efforts not at the messenger, but towards correcting what is wrong.

Lets take and compare a few incidents:

Incident Effect in civilized,
normal country
Effect in Uganda
A top leader accidentally shoots a friend during a hunting trip. The American press goes on and on about it it for weeks. There have been persistent, credible allegations of the president being involved in murders of his perceived opponents and other innocent people. Until Radio Katwe came along, there was complete silence about this.Why?
An army officer
- trained on tax payers money,
- driving a vehicle paid for by Ugandans,
- armed with a gun and bullets bought by Ugandans nevertheless turns around and
shoots innocent Ugandans in the city in broad daylight.
Immediate intervention - arrest and detention and charging of the knuckle head perp.
Life is precious!
The governemnt calls a press conference many hours later, to give long winded explanantions about this callous murder, and even blames the victims for "inciting" the violence!
Was this murderer promptly arrested and charged in a court of law?
Will he as is right and proper under our laws face capital punishment?
A sitting president entangles himself in sexual improprieties Apart from the media frenzy that in some aspects is still going years later, he is nearly kicked out of office. Our presidents *affairs with women are simply legendary. Where is the outcry?

*For example:
A few years back, Museveni appointed Susan Muhwezi, the wife of his Minister of Health Jim Muhwezi, his special presidential official in charge of AGOA.

Museveni then went ahead to start sleeping with Susan Muhwezi. Naturally, the ego and self-confidence of Susan's husband was destroyed but since he was a serving army officer and a cabinet minister, he could not do anything to the President. What Muhwezi decided to do was to retaliate at Museveni by wooing his married daughter Natasha Museveni Karugire. To cut a long story short, Muhwezi started sleeping with Natasha recently, something which drove Museveni and his wife Janet mad. Incidentally, after Radio Katwe published its story on Andrew Mwenda's special relationship with Muhoozi on February 8, Mwenda and his panel discussed it briefly on his radio show on Friday February 10. Mwenda as all of us who regularly tune in know has a big mouth and he would have used that chance on his own radio show to tell the public once and for all that Muhoozi is the son of Janet. But Mwenda avoided answering those questions about Muhoozi, providing more credence to the public that what Radio Katwe said was probably right. In another incident many years ago,in 1996 or 1997, if Radio Katwe reports that a "young man in the First Family" tried - and luckily for the poor young lady - failed to rape Lenina Mbabazi, the daughter of defence Minister Amama Mbabazi at the Nile Hotel or Conference centre, most people will think we are deceiving people. Some of these things in the Museveni family sound so crazy that is why you can understand why the public might wonder whether we are creating stories out of bitterness! The President and some of his Ministers routinely abuse their powers and offices in ways that are simply unimaginable in other "civilized" countires. Why should we Ugandans not make noise in the face of a government that works like a criminal organization? Much as we dont expect perfection from our leaders, we must demand high moral and ethical standards from them. From now on, no leaders should expect to steal our money, misuse our security agencies like the army and police for personal, political aims, kill and intimidate us with impunity. We may continue to suffer for sometime under these incompetent, corrupt leaders, but we are going to do it very loudly. Ugandans demand: Dont kill us. Dont torture us in "safe" houses. Dont intimidateand harass us. Dont steal our tax money and the loans from our friends abroad then live in obscene lavishness at our expense because "twarwana" (we fought).
Those of us living behind the Kisanja Curtain can still access Radio Katwe from any internet cafe. There are a lot of people around the world who fight censorhsip, and hate being told by their goverment what to read, think and believe. They have setup a system that enables you to access a blocked website through their computers and websites. Radio Katwe is requesting those of you who live in free countries to tell your friends back home how to do it. Here are the basic instructions. There are more but we shall for the moment only give three ways to beat the Kisanja Curtain:
  1. Access Radio Katwe through another website:
    The government censors will think you are accessing these websites yet you are actually tuning in to Radio Katwe.
    Enter Radio Katwes internet address in the space provided for the url in any of the websites below:
      [ Enter radio Katwes address and click the red "Proxify" button]
      [Scroll down to the" Access Free Proxy" button.
      On next page enter Radio Katwes address in the box below the Terms and Conditions and click the grey "I agree and wish to surf anonymously" button.
      Make sure the all of the checkboxes "No Scripts" etc are NOT CHECKED]

    These are only a sample. You can find many hundreds more by searching on the internet.
  2. Email the stories to your friends
    We now have an "Email this story" function on each story page. Incidentally, we dont record any email addreses or other information.
    When you send an email, a small window may pop up to inform you that the email has been sent. But if your browser has a pop up blocker enabled, you will not see this window Your email has been sent anyway, whether you see the confirmation or not.
    Please email the editors at if you experience any problems using this function.
  3. Through Proxy Servers
    This one involves a little more work but maybe the better option for some people.
    What is a "proxy server" ? This is a fancy name for a computer which lets you access other computers or websites through it. Through a proxy you can access a blocked site since this computer will be in Europe, India, Taiwan, Brazil etc where Radio Katwe is not blocked. Since the people blocking dont know about this computer yet, they wont detect that you are actually accessing Radio Katwe.

    Even a good proxy server might not work later, as they might come to learn of it and block it. So you'll need to learn how to find them. Simply search the internet for "proxy servers". There are thousands of them. So dont worry that MTN and other internet access providers will find and block all of them. The only way they can do that is to stop their commerical activites and become full time enforcers of the Kisanja Curtain.

    For these instructions on how to setup a proxy server, we will use the popular Internet Explorer browser. But the principle is similar for other browsers. If you try but fail, find an internet cafe where they love Uganda more than money and Museveni to help you set a proxy server.

    1. Find a list of proxy servers from the internet. (Search for "proxy server")
    2. On the Internet Explorer menu bar, go to Tools
      . and under that Internet Options...
    3. In the screen that comes up, select the Connections tab.
      Click the LAN settings button
    4. A new smaller screen comes up. In the Proxy Sever box (the lower one),
      check the Use a proxy server checkbox.
      Carefully and accurately enter the IP of the proxy server from your search. Mind the dots.
      If the Port number is given, also enter it in the space provided for the port number.
      For example one IP address of a proxy server is and the port number is 8080

    Click OK and thats it! Fight Censorship!

If you are using someone elses computer, remember to remove these settings so they wont even know you "circumvented" the Kisanja Curtain!

Remember, if one proxy doesnt seem to work, keep trying others until you find one that works. There are thousands to chose from!

Radio Katwe has received several other useful suggestions on how to beat censorship from patriotic readers - thank you guys! - that we will not disclose now. What we can assure you of is we are here to stay. Ugandan leaders now and in the future had better just have to learn how to live with us.

Feb-20-06 --- How does Radio Katwe separate fact from fiction?

How does Radio Katwe separate fact from fiction?

Many people have been writing to the website complaining that Radio Katwe is just an anti-Museveni website and that is why most of the news and tips we publish lead negatively toward Museveni and his family.

Many have wondered why we do not also publish damaging articles about Kizza Besigye, Winnie Byanyima, or other public figures from the opposition.

These are important questions if the search for truth is not to be turned into a witch hunt.

First of all, there has never been anything like in the past 20 years, to totally throw open the whole state system from State House downward to scrutiny, so if there are errors on the website, they must be appreciated against the benefit of the website.

Many stories and tips have been flooding to the website which the editors have not published because they seem a little exaggerated or simply wrong.

Here are a few examples:

a) Museveni and Besigye gay?

One example is a claim that Museveni and Besigye are both homosexuals. The website's editorial team felt that this was a highly unlikely as Museveni and Besigye come from traditional African homes and are not likely to be homosexual.

b) Meeting of Basiita clan at Rwakitura

Another story that Radio Katwe has declined to publish is one that several people have sent us claiming that in 1992 a meeting took place at Museveni's home in Rwakitura where plans were finalised to make sure that Uganda is ruled by the Basiita clan for the next 50 years.

The *document gives a list of names of those who supposedly attended the meeting. At first it seems possible to believe it, but what gives it away is the claim that Odrek Rwabwogo, who at that time was a first year student at Makerere, also attended the meeting.

Rwabwogo only became part of the First Family in the late 1990s and this shows that the so-called 1992 list was a fabrication and backdated to 1992 to make it look convincing.
*(This document will later be made available for downloading here so everyone can read it and give us their assesment -Ed)

c) Colonel Leo Kyanda Museveni's son?

The claim that the current chief of Military Intelligence, Colonel Leopold Kyanda is a son of President Museveni was made in a February 4, 2006 dispatch by Smart Musolin of Entebbe.

Radio Katwe doubted this claim and requested Musolin to substantiate it and a note by the Editor of Radio Katwe was added to the site pointing this out.

As far as Radio Katwe is able to acertain, Colonel Kyanda is a son of the late UPC secretary general, John Kakonge. Kyanda is also a half-brother to Robbie Kakonge and Julia Kakonge Muntu, the wife of FDC's national mobiliser Major General Mugisha Muntu.

Kyanda was born in 1963, according to information available to Radio Katwe, by which time Museveni was still in secondary school.

So, the Kyanda-Museveni connection has been discarded by Radio Katwe, but because the rest of Smart Musolin's dispatch contained accurate and plausible information, we decided to publish it.

d) Museveni admitted to a South African hospital

A number of people have been sending in tips that claim that President Museveni is sick and mid February he was admitted to a hospital in South Africa. Radio Katwe of course did not publish these tips because anybody can confirm that Museveni has not been anywhere near South Africa for the whole of 2006 and maybe even 2005.

e) Basil Tyaba the Computer man given fair hearing

When Radio Katwe published a list of the operatives and officers on the ISO/ESO/CMI payroll, we got an e-mail from one of those listed, Mr. Basil Tyaba, trying to clear his name and his role in the tallying of votes in the Electoral Commission computer room in 2001.

It would have been easy to ignore Tyaba's request to explain himself but the Radio Katwe editorial board firmly decided that Tyaba had to be given space to explain himself and clear his reputation, which Radio Katwe readers have seen.

This should show the public what Radio Katwe is all about. Fair play.

If State House or anybody in Museveni's family sends us a message asking to clear this or that allegation, within two days, it will be published on the website in its full and original form.

If Radio Katwe is to fight for a more open and really transparent Uganda, the last thing is to be like Museveni and enjoy tarnishing people for the sake of power and control.

f) Andrew Mwenda an ISO agent?

Radio Katwe got a number of submissions alleging that journalist Andrew Mwenda is in fact an operative for the Internal Security Organisation. Radio Katwe had heard these rumours for some years.

They could not be dismissed just like that but at the same time could not be treated as truth. What Radio Katwe did was to explain what people were saying but defend Mwenda in an article titled "Is Andrew Mwenda and ISO agent?"

Unfortunately, Mwenda did not read the article properly to see that he was being defended by Radio Katwe and instead launched an attack on Radio Katwe!

g) The Radio katwe story on CIA check of Museveni's health Many people who read this story last week either laughed off Radio Katwe as not being serious and some were angry that the website is publishing things "which any educated person knows cannot happen."

That is what the Radio Katwe editorial board thought when the story came in. It seemed too wierd to be true. But when we checked further, it began making sense.

The CIA has done things even more strange like trying to poison the underwater swiming suit of Cuba's Fidel Castro, flying prisoners to safe houses in Europe, etc, etc.

That habit of trying to check a leader's health by placing a basin under the sewarage tank was done on the then Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev when he visited Washington in December 1987. So we could not dismiss that story just like that. Your stool can tell an eloquent story about the state of your health.

In January when Museveni was campaigning in Soroti or somewhere near there in eastern Uganda, he warned an unnamed country against spying on him and this was reported by the government-owned New Vision.

So Radio Katwe took the gamble and published the tip on the CIA getting samples of Museveni's stool from his toilet in Washington.

With time, we shall become better at sorting out fact from fiction.

h) Kwame Ruyondo behind Danish posters?

A message was sent to Radio Katwe claiming that a businessman called Kwame Ruyondo, who is close to the First Family, was the man behind the posters recently impounded at Entebbe International Airport, intended for use in civic education.

Given Ruyondo's background and blood relationship with President Museveni, it was easy to believe such a story.

For the information of those who do not know, Museveni had a sister with whom he shared the same father Kayibanda and same mother Esteri Kokundeka.

She was pure Rwandese and later got married to the Town Clerk of Masaka in the late 1970s, Nathan Ruyondo. (Violet Kajubiri is only Museveni's half-sister in the same was that Salim Saleh is Museveni's half-brother.)

That wife of Ruyondo was the mother of the late Colonel Patrick Lumumba, Kwame Ruyondo, and their sister called Doreen, who is now married to an Italian and lives in Italy.

That is why on February 5, 1981, the day before he attacked Kabamba barracks, Museveni used Nathan Ruyondo's Peugeot 304 car to drive from Masaka to Kabamba. Museveni spent the night of February 5, 1981 at the home of Mrs. Ruyondo, his sister (same father, same mother.)

Very, very few people know this. In Masaka town, most people knew Ruyondo as a Rwandese Ugandan and his wife also as a Rwandese. What they did not know and might be surprised to learn from Radio Katwe is that she was the REAL sister (same father, same mother) of Museveni.

To prove this, go around Uganda and ask how many people have the surname Ruyondo, if it is a Ugandan name. Very few.

In fact, Radio Katwe invites the public who might know to send us information on the names of Kwame Ruyondo's mother, including her maiden names, because she is the most compelling proof that shows without a shadow of a doubt that Yoweri Museveni is a pure *Rwandese, and not a Munyankole as he has pretended to be for 40 years.
[*Since we all come from somewhere, ethnicity is not an issue in itself, but the attempt to hide and distort - Ed)

You might have wondered that in the case of buying the junk helicopters around 1998 or 1999, Kwame Ruyondo a simple business man teamed up with General Salim Saleh. What is the connection? Now you know.

Up to this day, Ruyondo goes to State House where he gets free fuel as he wishes and he is almost untouchable.

If his brother Colonel Patrick Lumumba had not died, today he would be Museveni's most trusted army officer, even more than Saleh and most probably Lumumba would be the Chief of Defence Forces.

When Lumumba died of AIDS in 1991, Museveni was so, so hurt because the Ruyondo children were his only connection to his real roots and origins.

So Radio Katwe could not dismiss any claims about Ruyondo being involved in bringing in fake posters to implicate the FDC. In Museveni's Mafia Uganda, anything is possible.

But when the MS Uganda country directors came out and acknowledged that they had imported the posters but with good intentions and not to tarnish the UPDF, Radio Katwe decided not to run the story because it was a clear fabrication intended to damage the public image of Kwame Ruyondo.

So you can see that Radio Katwe is not a malicious website which is out to destroy the Museveni family and regime. It is mainly concerned with the truth which Ugandans and the world have been denied for all these years and that is how they have ended up living in a police state manned by Museveni.

If you check all the articles on Radio Katwe, can you find any which calls Museveni a dictator? None! He is Uganda's president and so he is referred to that way.

We call Janet Museveni "First Lady" and not by abusive terms. We refer top military officers by their ranks and do not falsify their positions in the army.

If you read what we write about the First Family, you might have seen that we tend to expose Museveni himself, his wife Janet, Major Muhoozi Kainerugaba, and daughter Natasha.

If Radio Katwe is a malicious anti-Museveni forum, why don't you see the website also saying terrible and scandalous things about their daughters Patience and Diana?

This is because they do not have a track record of scandal or absurd behaviour and even in the rumour circles of Uganda, you don't hear much or anything about the two younger children Patience and Diana.

That is how we operate at Radio Katwe.

Okay, why do we focus on the Museveni family and regime and not on the FDC, DP, UPC and others?

The reason is because Besigye has suffered enough humiliation at the hands of the state and most of it unfairly. So there is no need to help Museveni bash Besigye more.

What we decided to do was a tit-for-tat on behalf of Besigye, to make State House realise that you cannot go on using dirty tricks, smear campaigns, arrogantly using state power to cripple your opponents, without being paid back with your own medicine.

Even if Museveni rigs and remains president for five more years, his image as a principled, disciplined freedom fighter who heads a God-fearing Christian family has been totally blown away and now every person on the streets of Uganda knows what takes place in the beds and bedrooms of State House and Museveni's family. It serves them right!

But if Besigye becomes president, Radio Katwe sends him a warning that he will have to conduct matters of state in a principled and transparent way, otherwise Radio Katwe will undress him exactly as it has undressed Museveni and his regime.

We are a non-sectarian, non-profit organisation that looks to the dream of a free and democratic Uganda. Winnie Byanyima issued a warning to Museveni threatening to expose his dark secrets. Our warning is issued not just to Museveni. If Besigye or any other presidential candidate becomes another Museveni, we shall strip him bare to his underwear as we are doing to Museveni now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb-16-06 --- An intimate look at Uganda's First Lady

An intimate look at Uganda's First Lady

Janet Museveni (nee Keinembabazi) was born on August 15, 1949, in Bwongyera village, Kajara, Ntungamo, Uganda).

Her parents were Mr and Mrs Edward Kataha. Her father also got a child with an aunt of Janet's and this cousin as well as step-sister to Janet was called Jennifer Nankunda, who later became Mrs. Jennifer Kuteesa, wide of the current Foreign Minister Sam Kuteesa.

Janet Keinembabazi attended Kyamate primary school around the same time as one Violet Kajubiri, a step-sister to Yoweri Museveni. She went on for high school to Bweranyagye Girls' Secondary School.

As Radio Katwe reported last week, at Bweranyangye Girls', Janet Keinembabazi was an insignificant student; there were times that she was the bottom of the class. She does not like to be reminded of her poor school performance, and this is why she has rarely identified herself much in public with her former school or its activities.

She did not pass her O'Levels and went to live with a well-to-do cousin, John Wycliffe Kazzora, who financed her overseas studies. She attended a secretarial course in Wales and on returning to Uganda got a job as a ground hostess with the then East African Airways.

She had originally applied to be an air stewardess but was turned down because she suffers from epilepsy. During her East African Airways tour in the Nairobi office, she worked with air hostesses like the late Dorcas Karara.

It is also said by some of her former colleagues in Nairobi that she was a girlfriend of the Nairobi East African Airways manager, Patrick Makumbi, with whom she had intimate relations.

Around 1971, she is supposed to have fallen in love with a young man called William Mwesigwa, nicknamed "Black Mwesigwa". Mwesigwa was a classmate of Yoweri Museveni at Ntare School in the 1960s and he shared Museveni's love for guerrilla warfare and revolutionary talk.

When Mwesigwa fled to exile in Tanzania in 1971 and became involved in guerrilla war against the new government of President Idi Amin, Janet Keinembabazi joined him there. Janet Keinembabazi, Mwesigwa, Museveni, and Hope Rwaheru shared a house in Dar es Salaam because as refugees they did not have much money to rent different houses.

After Museveni killed Mwesigwa in 1972, Janet became romantically close to Museveni. Museveni himself had another child called Muhoozi Kainerugaba by Hope Rwaheru and he murdered Hope around 1974.

Some sources say Museveni and Janet Kataha got married in London in August 1973 but most information available in Uganda says that the two have never formally legalised their marriage and that has remained a cause of tensions between them.

For example, no single photograph of Museveni has ever been seen of him with a wedding ring on his finger.

When the Amin regime fell from power in April 1979, the Musevenis moved back to Uganda from Tanzania.

Most reports say a daughter Natasha was born to the couple in 1976 and another daughter Patience, was born in 1980 and their last child, Diana, was born in 1981.

But some reports from knowledgeable sources in the Uganda People's Congress party say that details of Natasha are not clear.

The UPC people claim that Natasha was a child of Janet and Black Mwesigwa or another comrade of Museveni's called Martin Mwesiga who Museveni murdered in 1974.

Others say that Natasha's real father could even be Patrick Makumbi, her former boss and lover when she worked for East African Airways.

They argue that the only children between Museveni and Janet are Patience and Diana. Around the time that Major Muhoozi Kainerugaba got married in 1999, Ugandan newspapers used to confuse Patience and Diana because of how much they resemble, but none of them confused Natasha with any of her sisters.

These pundits also point to the behaviour of the Museveni children.

They say that whereas Patience who is now married to Odrek Rwabwogo and Diana who is now married to Geoffrey Kamuntu have been in the public eye like Muhoozi and Natasha, Patience and Diana have remained without any reports or rumours of scandal or strange behaviour all their lives.

But the Museveni children who have gone wild, been violent sometimes, or sexually loose have been Muhoozi and Natasha, because when they were told about their real parents, it affected them. Muhoozi once pulled a gun at the gate of Nile Hotel in Kampala when he was stopped from entering a music show and Natasha's pregnancy and abortion with soldiers' children is well-known.

In 1981 when Museveni launched his guerrilla war against the new government of former President Milton Obote, Janet Museveni and her children re-located to Nairobi, Kenya, where they lived with family friends until 1983.

In 1983, the Museveni family moved to Gottenberg, Sweden, where they lived until May 1986, four months after Museveni had captured state power in Kampala. In Sweden they lived on the same apartment block as the children of Amelia Kyambadde, who is now the Principal Private Secretary to Museveni.

When Museveni captured state power in 1986, he had vowed that his new wife was now Winnie Byanyima, who had been his childhood friend and then secret girlfriend since the late 1970s.

That is why Janet did not immediately come to Uganda when her husband took power because Byanyima was in her way. Prominent church leaders and Museveni's Prime Minister the late Dr. Samson Kisekka told Museveni that his continuing affair with Byanyima was embarrassing him and Uganda.

That was when Museveni ordered his stepbrother Salim Saleh to evict Byanyima from State House and Janet came to Uganda in May 1986.

Janet Museveni then started a campaign to show Winnie Byanyima as an evil and malicious woman who tried to kidnap Museveni's son Muhoozi and so on.

Janet founded the Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO), a private relief agency in late 1986 which she said was shaped by her experience as a refugee. She also became involved with the HIV/AIDS campaign in Uganda through the 1990s.

In fact, the warm feelings between Patrick Makumbi and Janet continued after she became First Lady that for a number of years the Kampala office of UWESO was located at the Kampala City Council offices, where Makumbi was the Town Clerk.

When Museveni discovered that the two were still an item, he worked toward the dismissal of Makumbi as Town Clerk.

Many people, though, do not know that under the cover of UNESCO, Janet Museveni has been receiving large financial and material donations from Europe and North America, which she channels to her children and some of her loyal staff.

It is the money she raises from local donations that she actually gives to Uganda's orphans.

Around 1988 or 1989, Janet Museveni got the shock of her life when she tested positive for HIV, which she got from her husband. In those days, people who got AIDS were sure they were going to die because there were no antiretroviral drugs yet.

The shock of being found HIV-positive is what made Mrs. Museveni turn to religion for comfort and she started following the �gborn again�h movement.

At the same time, her husband's excessive infidelity and getting many children out of wedlock pushed Janet more and more in the direction of religion.

In 1992, the "Uganda Confidential" newsletter reported that Janet Museveni and her half sister/half cousin Jennifer Kuteesa had been involved in a land wrangle with the Kagondoki family in Ntungamo and to resolve it, they arranged for the murder of one of the boys, Aaron Kagondoki.

In 1994, Janet Museveni decided to pursue a degree in education at Makerere University.

As usual, she was dull in class and a no-nonsense and principled lecturer in the Department of Psychology, a Mr. Opolot, marked her exam paper and she had to do a re-take because she had failed the paper.

As usual, she look a leaf from her husband who disregards institutions which stand in his way. Janet Museveni was humiliated by having to be told to do a re-take and using the power of State House, she influenced Makerere University to expel Opolot.

She was awarded free marks in the paper, she did not do the teaching practice which is compulsory for undergraduates pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, and so she got a junk degree from Makerere.

Meanwhile, while Janet Museveni was trying to behave in public as a God-fearing woman of high moral standards, the public was hearing something different.

In the mid 1990s, her daughter Natasha from nowhere turned into a crazy girl and began doing crazy things. She started sleeping with President Museveni's aide de camp, Captain Kavuma, and she got pregnant by a sergeant who used to be a guard at State House.

When it came to discussing what to do about Natasha's pregnancy, Museveni took a liberal position saying since it had already happened they had to live with it. (This makes us wonder if Museveni could be so casual about it if Natasha was his real daughter.)

Mrs. Museveni refused to hear that and insisted that Natasha had to have an abortion so that she could get a "proper" marriage in future. The abortion was carried out on the orders of the God-fearing born-again Janet Museveni.

There were also reports from sources inside State House around 1999 that Janet Museveni had tried to befriend and sleep with a young soldier in State House but the soldier could not imagine such a thing and he refused and fled into exile in London.

The Internet Wikipedia encyclopedia said in a profile of Mrs. Museveni this way:

"[D]uring this same period there grew an impression in Uganda that Janet Museveni, behind her modest Christian beliefs, led an extravagant lifestyle.

In May 2000, the government-owned New Vision published a story saying that the Libyan leader Col. Mu'ammar Gadhafi had donated a $100,000 BMW car to Janet Museveni.

The light green BMW, model 740, was flown to Entebbe International Airport from Libya in October 1999. Abbas Misurati of the Libyan embassy in Kampala confirmed the reports, saying the car was a personal gift from Gadhafi to the First Lady.

Janet Museveni has been widely rumoured to be the core shareholder in a number of Uganda's largest businesses ranging from hotels to real estate and telecommunications. Among these are the Hotloaf Bakery, Simu telephone booth company, Garden City Complex, East African Airlines, Crane Bank, and the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel."

That is a reputable encyclopedia telling you about Janet Museveni, not which some people think just hates the First Family.

In 2005, an elusive fellow called Smart Musolin who says he writes from Entebbe broke the story to the world that Janet Museveni has having an affair with a Swedish man of Eritrean origin and she had bought him a lavish house in Sweden.

It seems Mrs. Museveni had become tired of all her husband's extramarital escapades. The latest reports say he now has four wives, apart from Janet.

In fact one time on his radio show, the loud mouth Andrew Mwenda told the KFM listeners that Museveni in 2004 was introduced to the family of a young woman for a traditional wedding by Brigadier Jim Muhwezi. State House did not deny Mwenda's claims.

Another shocking report says that there is a room in State House which is kept strictly locked, 24 hours a day. The only person who has the key to it and opens it is President Museveni himself.

One day, Janet Museveni got the key in one way or the other and went to check the room to see what her husband keeps there which nobody is allowed to see.

The sources said she opened the room and almost fainted. On the floor there was something that looked like a traditional African witchcraft shrine and it was surrounded by bones, teeth of animals and other juju things.

In the middle of it there was a life-size statue of....Yoweri Museveni!

Mrs. Museveni could not believe that her husband had become so mad and was now a full worshipper of witchcraft!

In November 2005, she announced that she would seek the parliamentary seat of Ruhama in the election of February 23, 2006.

On the day of nominations, Janet Museveni was nominated in the morning and her rival Augustine Ruzindana of FDC was nominated in the afternoon. After her nomination, Mrs. Museveni threw a big party in the township paid for by State House.

Ruzindana did not have that kind of money and he instead went about meeting people and asking for their support.

Instead of the Ruhaama people abandoning him because he had no money, the villagers contributed their goats, bulls, and chicken and threw a party for him and themselves.

That is how little support Janet Museveni has in Ntungamo.

In fact, the thing which got the Canadian journalist Blake Lambert in trouble with the government Media Centre was not because of his anti-NRM views (he is a moderate in his views, we are told), but because he visited Ruhaam and spent a week there and when he came back, he concluded that there was no way Janet Museveni could win the parliamentary seat there.

That is the story of Janet Keinembabazi Kataha Museveni.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feb-15-06 --- Hannington Karuhanga : an important witness on Museveni's Wealth

Hannington Karuhanga will be an important witness on Museveni's Wealth.

As Radio Katwe has given you a glimpse of Musevenis 4 billion dollars wealth, we have got more reliable information that Hannington Karuhanga who is Chairman of UCDA Uganda Coffee Development Authority is the one who looks after Museveni and Janet's Properties in USA, Sweden, Spain etc. Janet Museveni is an aunt to Mr. Karuhanga.

Karuhanga was once a marketing manger of CMB Coffee Marketing Board and his role was to loot the Coffee on behalf of the first family. After CMB collapsed on the pretext that it was a state corporation, the coffee was stolen under the direct supervision of Jack Muchuuguzi one of the first 27 who murdered Mugabi in the bush.

When the Vice President Bukenya characterised the NRM government as a Mafias he forgot to add that they all come from one family. Pulkol former ESO boss has said on several occasions when he fell out with the first family because deals done in State House.

  • Hannington is brother to
    (1) Hope Nyakiru who is Under Secretary in State House< (2) Brig Henry Tumukunde's wife and (3) Peace Byaruhanga wife to President assistant Mose Byaruhanga.
  • Jack Muchuuguzi is buddy to Jim Muhwezi infact their wives are business partners.
  • Muchuuguzis' wife is sister to Kamuntu married to Diana Museveni.

You can see a network which is parallel to Ceasceau, Mobutu, Habyarimana, Pinochet.....If this is not shortsighted nepotism then what is it?

If Museveni is voted back on 23 nd Feburary get ready for more looting which will be done in a more subtle, sophisticated manner not like the daylight robbery of the 1980's.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Chief Mufti Mubajje reportedly involved in ballot rigging(Updated Feb-04-06)

IChief Mufti Mubajje reportedly involved in ballot rigging

Reports in Kampala say that the Chief Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje, has been working with the state to ensure an NRM victory in the February 23 election.

The reports say that Sheikh Mubajje recently travelled to South Africa and returned with five million ballot papers which had already been ticked in President Museveni's favour.

According to sources in the Customs department at Entebbe International Airport, the ballot papers were packed as cargo containing copies of the holy Qur'an disguised as donations to the Muslim community.

The Imam and a number of Sheikhs at an undisclosed Mosque in Kampala were reportedly angered at what they saw after they insisted on opening the boxes. Sheikh Mubajje had reportedly refused to have them opened.

Since he became the Chief Mufti in 2002, Sheikh Mubajje has been very close to the NRM government and he has hosted President Museveni at several dinners at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel and other places to break the fast during the holy month of Ramathan.

During Ramathan in 2005, Mubajje entered a promotional drive with MTN telephone company, urging Uganda's Muslims to subscribe to MTN.

The deal was worked out by Charles Mbire, a director of MTN Uganda who has close connections with the First Family.

The Museveni family is reported to be a major shareholder in MTN Uganda.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Feb-04-06 Update - Sheikh Mubajje Still in South Africa.

Reliable and confirmed sources have informed us that the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje, is still in South Africa.

According to the multiple sources in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban, including people close to him, it has been confirmed that the Mufti had travelled South Africa for special NRM duties the NRM party currently in government.

He was expected to be in Johannesburg on Saturday February 4.

Radio Katwe reported on Feb. 3 that Sheikh Mubajje is working with the state to ensure an NRM victory in the February 23 election.

The reports say that Sheikh Mubajje recently travelled to South Africa and returned with five million ballot papers which had already been ticked in President Museveni's favour.

We will keep you abreast of developments as they arise.

State House blocks New Vision/Gallup opinion poll

State House blocks New Vision/Gallup opinion poll

State House has blocked an opinion poll commissioned jointly by the New Vision and the world-renown Gallup Organisation.

The poll, which was supposed to have been published in the Sunday Vision of January 29, 2006, showed FDC presidential candidate Colonel Kizza Besigye leading the race with 45 percent while President Yoweri Museveni was at 41 percent.

According to sources at the New Vision and State House, after Museveni saw the results, he ordered Brigadier Noble Mayombo, the Chairman of the New Vision board of directors, to change the results and show Museveni in the lead.

After Gallup protested and some government officials said the government would look bad if it tampered with the findings of such a respected research company, Museveni ordered the New Vision to block the results.

Museveni then requested Gallup to re-take their survey and give special attention to the sample size and variety.

An opinion poll announced by the Daily Monitor on February 2, 2006 showed Museveni leading Besigye with 50 percent.

Informed sources have revealed that Wilsken, the company contacted by Monitor to carry out its research, has been under pressure from security operatives to show Museveni in the lead.

The election takes place on February 23, 2006.

Innocent Grandfather killed by Museveni in 1979

Innocent people killed by Museveni in 1979

There has been much talk about the famous people who were killed by the dictators that we have had in Uganda. Ben Kiwanuka, Archbishop Luwum, Shaban Nkutu and many more. The families of some of these Ugandans that were killed in cold blood have been lucky to find the remains of their loved ones.

Some of us have not been so lucky. My grandfather was killed at the orders of Museveni in 1979 at Kabwohe. His only crime was that he was a Muslim. My family has never found out where his remains are because most of the bodies were tossed into River Rwizi.

I kindly ask anyone and everyone that has any information about these people to please come out. Come out and expose Musevenis hypocrisy. The man is killer and now he wants Ugandans to give five more years so that he can loot the country and kill more innocent people.

He only loves his family, power and money and he will do anything for those three things including killing people. All the wars that we have had in Uganda since 1972 - Museveni has had a hand in them. Most of the blood that has been shed in Uganda since 1972 has Museveni name on it.

The man will claim anything just to stay in power. He killed Kayiira because he was a threat to his grip on power. He is preparing his family to take over power when he the Ssabagabe passes on. What a shame for a man who claims to have fought for the good of the country.

Musolin opines on the nearing end to the Museveni regime(re-edited Feb-04-06)

Smart Musolin writes on the nearing end to the Museveni regime
By Smart Musolin (Entebbe, Uganda).

2006 is decisively Uganda's 'war against evil' year with heightened urgency to oust the terrorist 'Black Mamba' regime (formerly called NRM). Museveni' s blatant abuse of High Court and military (GCM) institutions to bar Besigye's candidature, has finally failed. As Museveni's framed terrorism and rape charges crumble, Museveni 'Black Mamba' terrorist clique rejected countrywide is just clutched onto the Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) under his two sons Kainerugaba Muhoozi and Leopold Kyanda. I can now reveal that the CMI head, Leopold Kyanda is a blood son of dictator Museveni. (Editor's note --- Colonel Leopold Kyanda has always been known as a son of the late UPC secretary general John Kakonge. Can Smart Musolin clarify his claim that Kyanda is Museveni's son?)

Museveni has recently built a school at his real father's home village in Northwest Tanzania. His real father was a Rwandese refugee herdsman in Bukoba, Tanganyika. Museveni's real names are Yoweri Kayibanda. His mother Kokundeka later gave birth to another son Salim Saleh with a Somali truck driver called Ahmed Salem Swaleh who died and was buried in Kwajomvu, Changamwe Mombasa. Saleh was later named Caleb Akandwanaho who later paired with Kayibanda to strip Uganda's wealth to its bones. Konkundeka later married Mr Amos Kaguta or Rwakitura, Ankole, Uganda. However, owing to her mental disturbances, Kaguta abandoned her for another woman. Understandably Mzee Byanyima family then hosted the destitute Kokundeka with her children Yoweri Kayibanda and Caleb Salim Saleh who later triumphed in military adventures and sidelined the real Kaguta family children. (Please see my earlier stories on this troubled family 2001-2005)

I can also now confirm of Museveni's love ongoing love affair with the fake rape victim Joanita Kyakuwa who still resides in State House, Entebbe. I can also confirm that Janet Museveni, just like the DPP, only learnt of Joanita Kyakuwa's State House ties, and other ghastly details from the High Court proceedings! Janet has reportedly been shattered mainly over Museveni family HIV infection link, a ploy originally targeting Besigye! Understandably Museveni faked Jona Wavamunno as Kyakuwa's 4-year-old son's father like he did to Hindubi's children (see my earlier story). I can authoritatively reveal that Museveni has lived 30% of the last six years his at State House, Entebbe. Joanita Kyakuwa is the only woman in that house! State House Entebbe has officially been undergoing "renovation" for nearly ten years costing gov't over US $ 100 million! Intelligence sources say Museveni has used "security" as grounds for living in Entebbe. He reportedly lands at the Air-force Base and connects the two minutes drive to State House incognito in military jeep.

Understandably, Museveni's will to subvert justice for power has angered several senior ministers and key allies some who have exhibited open disgust.

Internal Affairs minister Ruhakana Rugunda, who is also the NRM electoral director, has reportedly clashed with Museveni and the two don't see eye to eye. Understandably, Rugunda realised Museveni was bypassing him to deal directly with Inspector General of Police, Commissioner for prisons in illegally detaining political opponents, and even juniors like the Director of police CID. Rugunda has also been accused by Museveni of sponsoring several anti-Museveni NRM candidates including James Rwebembera who defeated Museveni's favourite minister Henry Muganwa Kaijura in Bugahya constituency in Hoima district. Rwebembera is categorised as a 'Muchiga immigrant'. Rugunda was accused by Museveni and Kaijura of over-ruling the local returning officer's (Teopista Akugisibwe) official results and arbitrary declaring on the local Radio Hoima that his fellow 'Muchiga' James Rwebembera, as 'duly elected'. Rugunda who is a Muchiga is also accused of having back-ties with FDC's Jack Sabiiti amongst others. Rugunda who has played safe moderate political stances, was instrumental in gov't negotiations over the state funeral of former President Milton Obote, the return of FDC leader Kizza Besigye, the protests against his persecution and other positions. Rugunda's is also reportedly angered by Museveni's handling of the 'Ituri treason suspects'. It is known Rugunda rebuked Prime Minister Appolo Nsibambi for referring the parliamentary question of the "Ituri" men to him. Understandably, Rugunda had earlier firmly rejected the proposal to re-arrest the "Ituri" men after their court release. Upon Rugunda's firm rejection for parliamentary accounting, Museveni directed Aronda Nakarima who then ordered military spokesman to justify the continued illegal detention of the "Ituri" men in 'safe houses' against court orders. Museveni was angered by 'Rugunda's arrogance'. Museveni has also understandably suggested that Rugunda's muddled NRM candidates' nomination exercise has virtually sealed Museveni's fate with the emergent 'independent' candidates in control of the electorate. This has complicated matters for Museveni who has ordered against funding any NRM candidate for fear that non-funded candidates would 'put the final nails in the coffin' of his feeble presidential bid.

Health minister Jim Muhwezi and Museveni reportedly had a minor scuffle at Nakasero State House following a row over Muhwezi's request for Museveni to postpone to April 06 the public inquiry into the Global Aids Fund scandal. It is known that after several meetings with Museveni, Muhwezi threatened to de-campaign Museveni's re-election if the Commission went ahead. Muhwezi and fellow minister Kahinda Otafiire reported opposed Museveni's candidates during the NRM delegates' conference including Amama Mbabazi for Secretary General. Muhwezi who also owns Radio Rukungiri, rejected Museveni's request to deny Besigye use of the radio. Muhwezi understandably switched off his mobile upon seeing Museveni's number and ordered his radio staff not to obey Museveni's orders. Muhwezi who has distanced himself from Museveni's persecution of Besigye, now supports Besigye's presidential bid just to retain the parliamentary seat. Muhwezi's explained to Museveni that 95% of his parliamentary voters were Besigye supporters and he could not dare oppose Besigye. Muhwezi also personally hosted UPC's Miria Obote in his Rukungiri Hotel to illustrate his anti-Museveni card.

A senior State House official has said: "You have seen nothing yet. Wait until the final minutes. Museveni shall not manage the massive senior defections to Besigye. People are still around Museveni only to milk all his campaign money. You will be amazed by the seniority of the defectors to Besigye camp!"

NRM historical member Kirunda Kivejinja (KK) was recently quoted by international media as suggesting that Museveni was determined to die in power. Said Kivejinja: "Museveni is like a bee whose love for the sweet taste of honey blinds it to all dangers such that it dies while still craving for more honey!" KK is known to be bitter over his marginalisation. The MONITOR newspaper suspect electoral surveys smack the hand of Agakhan use of a dubious organisation 'Afro-barometer'. These surveys are seemingly meant for Museveni's electoral rigging. For instance Museveni's projected 47% electoral vote statistically validates a result of 53% outright win! This would please electoral observers and their masters. The Agakhan would prefer a Museveni presidency to ensure Asian's economic dominance. A scenario where electoral protests would be sorted by Black Mamba, CMI, anti-riot police, Odoki led law courts, Electoral Commission etc. Several journalists are ISO/ESO/CMI agents. Many were sponsored for training on State House Scholarships. They often pose as opposition supporters only to come out with strategic support for Museveni under the guise of objectivity. It is from these ranks that emerged Ofono Opondo, Ekolomoit, Mary Karara etc. Beware of these media snakes. They usually offer cover by faked polls etc!!

To appreciate the danger of Monitor newspapers surveys, various international media houses including BBC online, CNN etc now quote 'independent' Monitor's polls as predicting easy victory for Museveni. The warning bells are already sounding and FDC should take adequate measures to contain the Agakhan sponsored polls meant to protect the interests of the Indian community in Uganda. Two of the MONITOR columnists Charles Onyango Obbo and Andrew Mwenda who are closely linked to Salim Saleh, have began publishing vulgar commentaries that Museveni is favoured to win the elections! The FDC spokesman Wafula Oguttu could respond, but he cannot receive our misgivings as his incoming email box has remained full and hence unserviceable for two months.

TRICKS and TREACHERY: Museveni jargons that he 'restored sleep' to Ugandans has been scoffed off as circus clownery. Ugandans have woken from Museveni's 'invented sleep' to reclaim their glory. Faced with humiliating electoral defeat, Museveni has resorted to cracking silly jokes such as below:

a) I will defeat Kony by April 2006 and I deserve all votes from Northern Uganda

b) Salim Saleh has been retired/dismissed from the army

c) I shall very soon end corruption and punish anyone engaged in it

d) I shall abolish poll tax and establish free secondary education from 2006

e) Uganda doesn't need donor aid and accepting past donor aid was a big mistake

f) NRM respects the independence of the judiciary

g) NRM shall ignore the ICJ ruling on the Congo/DRC case

h) NRM security agencies shall arrest Smart Musolin for treason and coining "Museveni Agenda.. Museveni Mugenzi" because I am going nowhere!

i) Besigye and FDC win would bring killers of past regimes back to power

j) I shall enrich all Ugandans (bonna baggagawale)

k) I shall industrialise Uganda so that we have value added exports

l) I believe in democracy and constitutional rule of law

m) I am not a politician and I don't mind losing the election

n) People of Uganda want to chase me out of power like a chicken thief (and not the grandiose thief of all time-ed)

Alongside promising to enrich Ugandans (while actually robbing them), Museveni's joke of endless retirement/dismissal of his thieving brother Salim Saleh excels. Few Ugandans would count those retirements. Often Salim Saleh has been redeployed even before any retirement, while occasionally he gets retired while already retired! His retirements are either because he has stolen or so that he can steal. Saleh's retirements/redeployments are primarily the proactive and reactive means for Museveni's thieving. Saleh's has always earned huge retirement pay packets! Far more serious though, Salim Saleh's faked retirements always swept along senior skilled military officers with suspect loyalty to Museveni. Their fate has always been mitigated by views like "Museveni has actually also sacked his own brother!" This ploy like others has run and been discovered after a long time. Salim Saleh most recent 'retirement' is understandably connected to an electoral rigging scheme where Saleh needs accreditation of a civilian politician (more later). Saleh recently joined Museveni's campaign team that now includes Pastor Kayanja as the forecaster/analyst! Kayanja enjoys close family and business ties to Janet and Museveni has recently conveniently yet shamelessly prophesised FDC candidate Dr Kizza Besigye's death during the electoral campaign!! Museveni has not explained how he would enrich all Ugandans while he was robbing them.

BLACK MAMBA GOVT 'AKAZU KA-KAINE' TRINITY is the 'talking-point' in security circles. Sources have revealed that the army now only takes orders from Museveni and his two sons Kainerugaba Muhoozi and Leopold Kyanda called the 'trinity' or from uncle Caleb Salim Saleh. Brigades, intelligence services, police and prison chiefs report directly to the president but take orders from the 'trinity'. Police divisions like Director of CID, Special Branch report directly to Museveni, bypassing the Inspector General of Police and Minister of Internal Affairs. While the High Court protested the Black Mamba invasion, the Prisons Commissioner has hosted them even against High Court orders. Museveni is the world's only ruler that relies on terrorists impersonating his gov't police. They have routinely raided Uganda's law courts. Museveni openly detests 'legal niceties' of judicial decisions, multiparty politics, rule of law etc.

THE TRINITY IN JUDICIAL BRIBE SCANDALS: Museveni is known to have clandestinely bribed his gov't High Court judges. Museveni's son Leopold Kyanda who heads the CMI has been implicated in facilitating the cash for the bribery scandal of High Court Judges Leticia Kikonyogo and Remmy Kasule to undermine the interests of against FDC's Kizza Besigye in a faked criminal case. So far Museveni recently threatened to jail anyone who 'insults' him. His Attorney General then threatened police action against complainants of High Court bribery!

DEMOCRATIC CADRES: According to highly placed sources, Museveni might be overthrown before elections. Understandably, the revolt would ensure job security within military ranks after regime change. Accordingly, senior officers now support the army's neutrality in the political transition. Understandably, the army caucus that now supports neutrality is known as the 'Democratic Cadres'. Security information has confirmed that the 'Democratic Cadres' include Wamala Katumba, Kahinda Otafiire, Elly Kayanja and several brigade commanders. David Tinyefunza is understood to have welcomed the caucus. Accordingly, Museveni now views 'Democratic Cadres' as a bigger threat than the FDC's Dr Besigye. Security sources have confirmed that Museveni has extensively relieved the 'Democratic Cadres' of command duties. Fearfully for Museveni, the Democratic Cadres influence is understandably increasing.

It is understood that the army views that Museveni has some scattered support only in Rwakihumuro in Tooro, Buruli, Nyabushozi, Ibanda and parts of Nakasongola. Moreover, the rift between Nadduli and James Kinobe and the defection of Muruli Mukasa may have greatly diminished Museveni's fortunes in Luwero and Buruli. Accordingly, the army has threatened Museveni with a military revolt against persistent subversion of the democratic transition. Wamala Katumba's recent public statement confirms this position.

TINY TINYEFUNZA: Understandably, during Dr Besigye's arrest fracas, Gen David Tinyefunza's demanded for 3,000 troops to 'restore order' in Kampala. This was quickly vetoed by Museveni who instead put Tinyefunza under close surveillance for coup aims. Accordingly, Tinyefunza aimed to control Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja and solicit opposition support. Museveni directly controlled all intelligence agencies and removed Tinyefunza from command duties. Museveni eyed with concern Tinyefunza's later overt visits to then jailed Kizza Besigye and other key FDC leaders supposedly to persuade them nominate an FDC replacement leader. Intelligence reports then accused Tinyefunza of taming political links with FDC for his coup that would promise to restore presidential term limits, hold 'free and fair' elections, etc. Accordingly, David Tinyefunza remains the most watched 'kipinga' (Museveni's undeclared political/military enemy). He however has no links to 'Democratic Cadres' and has recently been out of the lime light. Tumwine is viewed lowly as a salaried Court Martial operative with no command power. Tumwine like Tinyefunza gets security briefings of the Black Mamba 'trinity'.

THE TUMUKUNDE FACTOR: Amidst Museveni's dwindling political/military fortunes, Brig. Henry Tumukunde's issue remains a thorn in the flesh. Brig Tumukunde attempted a stunt by rebuking the Law Society for high profiling Col Besigye plight at his expense. Accordingly, Tumukunde tried but failed to dupe Museveni that he (Tumukunde) had no sympathy for Besigye's cause. The Court Martial rejected Tumukunde's bail application despite transcending the constitutional right to bail after 90 days remand. Seemingly, the court martial wished to exhibit its extra judicial coercive capacity over the High Court.

The Court Martial primary mission however, was to contain Brig Tumukunde's expressed desire to expose Museveni's criminal underworld, corruption scandals, 2001 vote-rigging and political assassinations. Tumukunde is Museveni's former intelligence chief. Tumukunde reportedly recently divorced his wife over fears of Museveni links. According to security sources, Museveni has privately met Brig Tumukunde's wife for over six months. Tumukunde has recently also refused further food supplies from his home.

ARONDA FAMILY BLUES: Army commander Aronda Nyakarima is reportedly under family pressure over his army role in the transition. His father Mzee Nyakarima and his mother Edinas Kakurugu both of Nyakiju, Buyanja, Rukungiri have strongly asked Aronda to cease mouthing Museveni's directives and instead to influence his resignation. They reminded Aronda of Tumukunde's fate despite his key role in Museveni's 2001 victory. They also reminded Aronda Nyakarima that his wife Linda Kahoza was a close blood relative of Brig Henry Tumukunde. The parents and elders affirmed their view that Aronda should be loyal to his country in accordance with the law.

Other elders viewed Museveni as someone who uses and abuses people before dumping them. They quote Museveni as having used and dumped Eriya Kategeya, Amanya Mushega, Kizza Besigye and Kazini. They believe that Brigadier Henry Tumukunde was Museveni's victim because of his popularity in the army, which threatened Museveni's base while Major General Mugisha Muntu was victimised because he was principled. Thus Tumukunde is a victim of army popularity and Mugisha Muntu a victim of principled positions. They suggested that Dr Kizza Besigye has the combined attributes of Mugisha Muntu and Tumukunde that also included national popular democratic support.

SECTARIAN BASIITA TENSION: It is now understood that during a recent meeting of elders and opinion leaders from Ankole and Rukungiri, one angry elder shouted at Museveni in Runyankore: "Hurufu Rwente taruwa embwa yansemwe" (what kills a cow cannot spare a dog)! Understandably, Museveni who excels with Runyankore quotes was shattered.

According to intelligence reports, Museveni Black Mamba and PGB currently comprises mainly Museveni's Basiita sub-clan youths some recruited at the tender age of 13! The Basiita are a sub-clan of the Bahiima community of Ankole. The other sub-clan are the Bahinda who are not favoured by Museveni for their supposed cultural proximity to the Tutsi of Rwanda/Burundi and the Hendu of Congo/Zaire (DRC). Aronda Nakarima and most senior security commanders belong to Museveni's Basiita sub-clan. There is growing military unrest because of PGB's disproportionately high privileges. For instance Basiita soldiers are not assigned dangerous frontline duties in DRC, Sudan, Northern Uganda or Karamoja while non-Basiita are exposed to dangerous duties. Basiita recruits are paid nearly ten times the average soldier's wages. Other privileges include better training, food, clothing, promotions, welfare schemes like bereavement emoluments etc.

The Basiita sub-clan population who number 86,785 enjoy virtually all Uganda's wealth. The Basiita dominance and high privileges are however considered as a deadly trap in a likely event of political or military rupture. The warning to Museveni was to weigh these risks to his community against his unsustainable political ambitions.

The early signs of danger are already up. Because Museveni detests non-Basiita army recruits from Bantu communities (thus from Western, Buganda and Eastern Uganda), 59% of the current army recruits are from the North and North East. These are the ones whom Museveni earlier often termed as 'biological substances and Anyanya'. These troops mainly engage in frontline duties but could cause mayhem to Museveni if and when properly mobilised. It is understood that a majority of such recruits were made from the Internally Displaced People's camps (IDPs). A military source has revealed that an unknown whispering campaign has been running in the army for several months and that non-Basiita soldiers seem ready to take orders from somewhere. Accordingly, the UPDF Basiita command structures have exposed the Black Mamba gov't to coup.

Sources have said the Basiita army command would collapse after continuous three-hour chaos. Accordingly, restoring order would signify a new order (new gov't) and collapse of the Black Mamba regime. The source further said, that Museveni's ousting event has been repeatedly postponed mainly to forestall risks for genocide or chaos. Accordingly, Basiita commanders have been requested to 'co-operate' to avert chaos.

WRONG FORUM? NOT AGAIN! The public announcement on Gulu Mega FM radio by General Wamala Katumba that the army would not intercede when/if Museveni lost the electoral vote took the Black Mamba regime by surprise. Ordinarily Wamala Katumba would be court-martialled for "using the wrong forum" just like Henry Tumukunde or earlier on Kizza Besigye. Museveni for lack of capacity to prevail over Wamala simply pretended it was a non-event. Wamala belongs to the 'democratic cadres' group of military brass. Wamala affirmed the army's commitment to the democratic transition and challenged voters to exercise their will without fear. Museveni cowed into a corner.

JANET KATAHI MUSEVENI parliamentary bid didn't have Museveni's consent and infuriated him. Janet Katahi reportedly aimed to establish a political life to protect her wealth after Museveni's exit. She has earlier tried and failed to persuade Museveni against seeking a third term. She was reportedly also inspired by Miria Kalule Obote's rise to presidential candidature. Janet however has now been informed of her pending humiliating electoral defeat and has reduced activities of her 'God' sent mission.

One of Museveni's advisers wrote in the gov't newspaper the New Vision "when Janet electoral bid fails, she should work with the elected FDC member Augusta Ruzindana and contribute her huge financial resources to develop Ruhama constituency in the spirit of reconciliation." It is understood Janet had been briefed by the intelligence services on Museveni's instructions, of their preliminary survey that she stood no electoral chance. We reported earlier on Janet Museveni's rocky marriage over her husband's insane infidelity and her own extramarital affairs with a Swedish businessman of Eritrean origin. He was later codenamed 'Osama' by Museveni's security agents (refer to earlier story). It is understood photocopies of our earlier story that have been widely circulated in Ruhama constituency (as elsewhere in East Africa) where Janet Kataha's electoral fate has already been sealed.

SKELTONS IN THE CUPBOARD: Gaddaffi royal murder links? Security reports of Museveni's political murders are rife. For instance the murders of Robina Kiyingi, Prince Happy Kijana Ngoma, John Garang, and others are still haunting Museveni.

It is understood, Museveni ordered the murder of Tooro's royal family Prince Happy Kijana Ngoma order to implicate Tooro's Prime Minister Katuramu who was arranging to marry the Toro Queen Mother is Best Kemigisa, widow of late Omukama Kaboyo Olimi. Museveni's interest in Kijana Ngoma murder was to remove Prime Minister Katuramu from the way for Libya's Gaddafi to marry Best Kemigisha. Most strangely, there were rumours that Museveni had a clandestine long running love relationship with Kemigisha which may have resulted in the death of her husband King Patrick Kaboyo Olimi! Sources say, Museveni may have surrendered her to Gaddafi after learning of her infidelity. However, it is known that Katuramu was the father of Kemigisha's two children owing to the impotency of late Prince Patrick Kaboyo. Reports suggest that when Kemigisha's advanced marital ties to Katuramu, the Tooro Royal family strongly opposed it because it would have turned Katuramu from a biological to a political King father. Museveni then took advantage of the family rift to eliminate Kijana Ngoma so as to get Katuramu out of the picture judiciously (Besigye style?). Gaddafi at the time offered to rebuild the Tooro royal palace and support several 'benevolent causes' in Uganda. During a visit to Uganda, Gaddafi then once broke protocol to promote Museveni's son Kainerugaba Muhoozi (presently with Black Mamba govt 'Trinity' under PGB) to the rank of Major. Gaddafi also argued Museveni not to submit to the democratic electoral system supposedly because "revolutionaries don't stand for elections!" Museveni understandably regrets for ignoring Gadaffi's caution. Museveni instead heaped praises on Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe "revolutionary" credentials. Understandably, Gaddafi owed Museveni credit for his influence on African Union alongside Nelson Mandela in coaxing US and UK in rescinding UN sanctions against Libya.

It has now been confirmed that Libya has offered Museveni sanctuary should he need it in the event of a political fallout in Uganda. Libya ties with Museveni became more overt when her Foreign Minister joined Museveni's electoral campaign. It has also been established that Libya's linkman is a roving diplomat, businessman cum-security operative named Habib Kagimu. This Ugandan speaks fluent Arabic, French, Swahili and English and is married to Gaddafi's sister. Habib Kagimu is also boyfriend and business associate of former Museveni Vice President Specioza Wandira Kazibwe. He is also a known agent for former Iraq president Saddam Hussein's ties with Museveni regime. He recently demanded US $50 million payments as commission for business contracts between Saddam's Iraq and Museveni, after the fall of Saddam and is understood to be pursuing a Museveni backed court recovery action. Kagimu is known to have been a key linkman in a queer love relation between Libya's Col Gadaffi and Uganda's Queen mother Best Kemigisha or Tooro kingdom. Museveni was somehow also linked to the bizarre affair. However, as of now, Gaddafi's love links with Queen Best Kemigisha have been subdued due to unknown causes. Accordingly, Katuramu was arrested, charged and convicted to death of Kijana Ngoma's murder. He is now on the death row in Uganda's Luzira Maximum security prison. Museveni has refused to commute his sentence probably because of fear that Katuramu would leak his dark secrets.

The man who organised most of the dubious Museveni schemes is Brig Henry Tumukunde who is himself on remand and denied bail by the military court. It is feared that Tumukunde could open up that Museveni failed but simply rigged the 2001 elections. Accordingly, this could ruin Museveni's local and international image as a presidential candidate and could seal his fate. Museveni also runs a terrorist organisation called the URBAN HIT SQUAD that his Vice President publicly complained of as a maffia that was targeting him amongst other politicians. This terror gang that is less visible than the BLACK MAMBA terrorists, is known to have murdered Kampala's lawyer Robina Kiyingi just outside her house in Kampala. After the cold-blooded shootings, the terrorists are reported to have asked for the "hard disks". Robina Kiyiingi's house guards pleaded lack of knowledge of the 'hard disks' presence. Robina Kiyiingi was also the head of the Transparency International Uganda Chapter. She is known to have complied a comprehensive dossier of Museveni's family involvement in corruption covering nearly the entire 20 years of their rule. After the shootings, security operatives from the Office of the President arrived on the scene and two of them were identified by the watchmen as the murder suspects but were whisked away. The remaining group then searched slain Robina's house for the hard disks, which they retracted from the house computers. The hard disks allegedly had the information implicating Museveni's family in massive corruption. Days later, when Robina's husband returned from Australia to attend her funeral, he was arrested and charged with her murder because Museveni had obtained information about an existing family squabble. One of the suspects arrested with Kiyingi died mysteriously while on remand and Dr Kiyingi has repeatedly suffered bouts of suspected poisoning while in prison. It is understood Museveni has asked for him to be released for 'lack of evidence' mainly just to appease the Australian gov't (Dr Kiyingi is a naturalised Australian citizen). Museveni would claim credit for operating under rule of law and independence of the judiciary.

The death of Col John Garrang in Museveni's personal helicopter is one of the unsolved mysteries. It is known that Museveni engineered the assassination in order to avert a powerful new oil rich state of Southern Sudan enjoying close cultural and ethnic ties with Northern Uganda. Understandably, Museveni feared that after 20 years of inhumanity in the North, the new oil rich Southern Sudan would sponsor chaos against his regime. Other reports relate to oil investments in which Museveni has stakes.

KONY MAN v CON MAN: Whereas Kony has been a thorn in Uganda's flesh, he has proved the greatest financial opportunity for Museveni the Conman. It might never be known how many ghost soldiers were paid in the unaccountable phoney Kony war. Museveni's ruling Akazu Ka Kaine has made billions of dollars in collusion with international bandits of the western world. Museveni has offered step-gap excuses of how he would defeat Kony after the rains, when the tall grass dries, when Sudan allows hot pursuits, when parliament/donors increase the army budget, when he prosecutes collaborator political leaders, when he kills all potential recruits in villages, when he places the entire North in camps, when he acquires new bomber helicopters to target civilians etc. Museveni has gone beyond all the above and even administered HIV/Aids to innocent people to end Kony insurgency but failed. All he has succeeded is to accumulate wealth and perpetuate suffering of the entire region. He is now seeking for votes from this region by promising to defeat Kony by next April. The people have resolutely said no to both Kony man and Museveni the conman.

RWANDA, once Museveni's ally in the region is now considered a lethal enemy. Uganda's misadventures in the Congo have proved most costly in terms of ICJ fine of up to US $10 billion. Worst of all was Museveni's lack of strategic initiative where Uganda simply stole material wealth in terms of gold, timber, diamonds etc without political safeguards. Today, the entire Congo boarder with Uganda is ruled by warlords loyal to Rwanda. These warlords are influential partners of the ruling national coalition central government of the DRC. Why then did Uganda go to Congo if not to commit robbery? These are questions that would be asked if Uganda's military was patriotic enough to charge Museveni with treason. Otherwise, Uganda's parliament is poised to table a motion that would make the House of Kaine liable for all the costs of the Congo War. A tainted parliament such as that of Uganda would find it difficult not to be bribed into voting against the motion when they need all the money for the ill-fated electoral campaign.

FOREIGN powers that once adored Museveni have abandoned him and are currently working towards his downfall for being a liability. Museveni has in turn promised to turn into a Robert Mugabe for as long as it takes. He won't succeed because Uganda doesn't enjoy Zimbabwe's geo-political and economic advantages. Following the British diplomatic rebuff of Uganda, it is now understood the US is planning to review the HIV/AIDS programmes to Uganda. This would lead the way for other US programmes under USAID to follow. The World Bank/IMF would inevitably toe the US line.

BUGANDA Kabaka Mutebi has done the honourable thing of not supporting Museveni. Indeed he sacked a latently pro-Museveni Premier and cabinet. Buganda is standing firmly behind Besigye. This might be Buganda's best ever political decision in joining the rest of Uganda to get a political solution to a national problem. I feel this gesture will result in Buganda's grievances becoming part of the national agenda and getting a genuinely deserved national solution.Museveni has resorted to time wasting techniques. By shunning helicopter travel, Museveni may have made himself more vulnerable since he uses only road transport and doesn't travel beyond 7.00 pm local time as he once did.

THE WAY FORWARD is to appreciate that Museveni's time is over. The military/security, political parties, foreign donors, even NRM sympathisers already know that Museveni is on his way out of power and most likely much more. He now enjoys the support of a hard-core of remnants like Ofono-Opondo recently caught stealing underpants in a local shop, Kakooza Mutale the infamous terrorist gang boss of a terrorist organisation called KAP, directly financially managed by the President's office. Kakooza is also a salaried civil servant working as Senior Political Advisor to the president. Many former NRM supporters have abandoned ship and are vying to stand for electoral jobs as FDC or independents. We must end Museveni's illegal rule. In the meantime, all Ugandans are joining their countrymen in Entebbe rejoicing and chanting: "Museveni AGENDE!...Museveni AGENDA...! MUSEVENI MUGENZI!!!!

Smart Musolin
Entebbe (Uganda)